Proposed changes to the PT Administrative Rules and Regulations
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Criminal History Record Check Instructions
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Continuing Competence Requirements

Coninuing Competence 61.5-03

Changes "clinically related" to "certified activities" The total number of continuing competence units remains the same at 25 units per renewal cycle (i.e. every 2 years). The minimum number of "certified" units which may be applied for the two year recording period will equal 15 units.
All competence activities related to physical therapy sponsored by the APTA, State PT Associations, Medical/Educational institutions or certified by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) are automatically approved as "certified activities".
Any continuing competence activities sponsored by national or state organizations are automatically approved as certified activities as long as they meet the course standards found in section 61.5-03-02-02. The same is true of postsecondary coursework taken at an accredited educational institution.
Examples of certified activities include:

  • Clinical Certifications = 15 units
  • PRT (Practice review tool) = 15 units
  • Successful completion of an accredited PT residency program = 25 units
  • Option assessment = 3 units
  • Online courses certified by FSBPT/ProCert or sponsored by the APTA, state PT associations, Medical/educational Institutions.

Changes "non-clinical" to "Approved activities". The maximum number of "approved" units which may be applied for the two year recording period will equal 10 units.
"Approved activities" must be related to the therapistís job and do not go through a formal certification process. They also must meet the credit standards found in section 61.5-03-02-02.
Examples of approved activities include:

  • Online courses that are not sponsored by the APTA, State PT associations, Medical/educational institutions, national or state organizations or are not certified by FSBPT/ProCert
  • Clinical Instructor. One unit for every 165 hours of clinical instruction. A maximum of 5 units per two year recording period.
  • Teaching an approved continuing competence activity ( see 61.5-03-02-02 #6)
  • Teaching at an accredited PT/PTA program as long as teaching is not your primary occupation. One unit per direct contact hour in teaching. Maximum of 5 units per two year recording period.
  • CPR = up to 3 units per recording period

These changes took effect January 1, 2016. Reporting of continuing competence/continuing education units adhering to the new rules will commence for the reporting period beginning November 1, 2017. All licensees due to report CC activity will be required to fill out the CC reporting form. Those that are audited will be required to send copies of course completion certificates to the board. Aptitude will be accepted in lieu of filing out the reporting form and will be accepted for audit purposes as well.