Supervision of PTA, PT Aides and Students
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Supervision Requirements for PTAs in Various Settings
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Continuing Education Requirements

The following information pertains to continuing education requirements for maintaining licensure in the State of North Dakota, once a permanent license has been obtained.

All physical therapists and physical therapist assistants must obtain twenty-five contact hours of continuing education every two years to be eligible for registration or re-registration. One contact hour equals sixty minutes of instruction. There may be no carryover of credit hours to the next reporting period.

Even-numbered licenses will report CEU hours during even-numbered renewal years. Odd-numbered licenses report CEU hours during odd-numbered renewal years. The licensee will be required to verify compliance with the CEU requirements by checking the checkbox on the online renewal form. A random sample of licensees will be chosen annually for audit by the Board. Licensees that are selected for audit will be required to submit the Continuing Education Reporting Form within 30 days of receiving notice of the audit.

New Graduates are exempt from reporting continuing education hours for the renewal period following graduation, but are required to complete the full number of hours for all subsequent years. Endorsed licenses must report continuing education hours in accordance with section 61.5-03-03-01 of the ND PT rules and regulations.

As stated in the Rules & Regulations, article 61.5-03, any course related to physical therapy sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association, state physical therapy associations, medical institutions or educational institutions, is automatically approved. In addition, any course planned or sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation, American Heart Association or similar organizations, is approved. Credit shall not be given for entertainment or recreational activities, orientation sessions, holding an office, meetings to establish policies, keynote speakers, or meals.

Fifteen hours of the required coursework for any reporting period must be clinically (direct patient care skills) related, of which 5 hours may be CPR. (Please refer to article 61.5-03-02-02 for specifics).

All licensed persons are responsible for maintaining records to verify that they have completed the required CEUs. If the Committee questions any entry on the reporting form, additional documentation to verify the coursework may be requested. A person who claims extenuating circumstances in not being able to meet the continuing education requirements, may petition the Committee for consideration of those special conditions.