Criminal History Record Check Instructions
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Complaint Policy

  1. A written complaint form is not required but encouraged.
  2. A copy of the complaint is sent to the licensee for a response.
  3. The response is reviewed by the Executive Officer, the Board’s Attorney and 1-2 board members without a conflict of interest.
  4. The complaint is either dismissed or investigated.
  5. If investigated, the results of the investigation are sent to the Board’s Attorney for review.
  6. A decision is made to proceed against the licensee by the board or dismiss the complaint.
  7. If a decision was made to proceed, the Board’s Attorney first seeks an informal resolution to the complaint by an agreed settlement.
  8. If a settlement is reached, it must be approved by the Board.
  9. If a settlement cannot be reached, a formal complaint process will be scheduled before an administrative law judge.
  10. The Board would receive and act on the Judges findings.